About Fava Shahrkhodro

fava shahrkhodro

Shahrkhodro fava group has been established on 29.7.2019 with register number of 68999 in Mashhad.

Fields of company activities:

  • Engaging in all IT based activities such as designing, developing, producing and maintaining soft wares which are being ordered by our customers.
  • Installation and maintaining data networks
  • Consulting, sells operation as well as importation of computer equipment and hardwares
  • participating in IT based exhibitions, Bidding, Representation of domestic and foreign companies

fava shahrkhodro

  • Maintaining and improving Shahrkhodro in the field of information technology
  • Integration of all Shahrkhodro’s softwares in order to improve management
  • Deploy cloud computing to share resources and facilitate access (ubiquitous)
  • To become top ranking digital business on national and regional scale
Fava Company services

fava shahrkhodro

Planning and development

  1. Project documentation department
  2. Project control department
  3. Education department
  4. Software development and production

Communication and infrastructure

  1. Network design and implementation department
  2. Network operations management and control department
  3. Network maintenance support
  4. Network security
Development and production
  1. Analysis and design department
  2. Programming and coding department
  3. Software Security unit
  4. Database unit
  5. Software analysis and evaluation department
  6. Software management and support department
  7. Graphic department
  8. Communication and infrastructure

fava shahrkhodro

Our vision in Shahr Khodro FAVA Company is to obtain and engage in sustainable and high-yield digital businesses in various fields, including tourism, digital marketing, and etc.


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Address: Mashhad، University St، Alton Tower، Floor 19، Unit 6 | Tel: +981596 | Email: fava@shahrkhodro.com